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A cartoon that helps teach duas and manners

Assalaamu alaikum, dear readers! We have another great cartoon series for your kiddos, and this time around it also caters to our Urdu-speaking viewers. It is a series about two Muslim siblings. The older of the two is the sister and is the teacher/adviser, while the younger one is her brother who always needs that little extra reminder. His sister is always there to advise him on what to do and avoid. It is a very good series and if your kids don’t know Urdu, it’s alright, English and Arabic translations are also available. So, there’s something to smile about! 

The name of this series is Abdul Bari. He and his older sister (Ansharah) will teach your kids simple everyday, Duas, good manner, Surahs, and how Muslims are supposed to deal with their families, friends, neighbors and also animals.

Below are a few links to some of the videos from the cartoon with a small description about the  video.

  1. Click here for (English)
  2. Click here for (Urdu)

In this episode, Abdul Bari and his sister teach us the importance of animals and how to treat them.

  • Click here for (Urdu)
  • Click here for (English)

This is an episode on the rights of neighbors and how to treat them.

  • Click here for (Urdu)
  • Click here for (English)          

These videos also consist of the Duas that are to be recited before sleeping, and after waking up.

We really hope your kids enjoy these cartoons! They are very beneficial and entertaining at the same time. The siblings have their own personalities which make them fun to watch. Please do visit their YouTube channel to watch more episodes from the series, and much more episodes, and then come back here and let us know how your little ones liked them. We always love to hear back from you.

Jazakamullahu khairan, always!

May Allah (ﷻ) put the love for Deen in the hearts of all the kids in the Ummah. Aameen.

Assalaamu alaikum until next time.

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