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Gifts of Nature

When I have a look around me,
I wonder at the chaos I see;
Increase in sickness and disease,
I wonder what good lies in this.

The rich with too much food fall ill,
The poor die, struggling for a morsel;
Abundance is a trial, I see,
Scarcity is a test, I believe.

When I have a look around me,
 Creation of the Lord, I perceive;
The crop that might make us sick,
For the cure, includes a remedy.

Dandelions with the yellow hue
Reduce cholesterol and inflammation;
The leaves, stem, flowers, and root
Aid in weight loss and digestion.

From ancient times, the rosemary,
Its oil and aroma relieve anxiety;
Its property of being an anti-inflammatory
Improves memory performance and quality.

The secretions of the green miracle,
Lowering the blood sugar level;
Growing in every garden I see,
Aloe Vera with the anti-bacterial property.

He was true when the Prophet said,
Black seed has a cure for all except death;
Try the tiny seeds with honey,
By the will of God, that will strengthen immunity.

The list is long and so are the blessings,
For with every hardship, there is ease;
Relying on Our Lord for the cure and healing,
Along with patience, prayers, and peace.

When I have a look around me,
The Almighty’s blessings, I see.
Always remember, whatever we eat,
We are either feeding ourselves or a disease.

Written by: Saadia
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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