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Man: A Guardian Or A Destructor Of Nature

I close my eyes,
I visualise,
The Swiss Mountains, so gorgeous!

I close my eyes,
I visualise,
The Niagara Falls, so stupendous!

I close my eyes,
I visualise,
The beautiful waters of Maldives!

I close my eyes,
I visualise,
The aurora of the Arctics!

As I open my eyes
To face the reality,
Things that mesmerised me, 
I find them in jeopardy.

Reckless deforestation,
Unending pollution;
Immense destruction
Of a generous benefaction!

We forgot about our stewardship,
Went on living like a king;
Corruption has spread in the land
Because of man’s own hands.

In order to rectify,
There’s a need to modify –
Our living and lifestyles 
As per our Deen’s guidelines. 

Live simply,
Eat healthy,
Don’t be extravagant 
Like shaitan’s brethren.

Even in war,
Don’t let the trees fall;
Plant the seed in hand
Even if the Day of Judgement falls.

Don’t waste water indiscriminately, 
Think of others’ rights and duties;
This is what our Deen enjoins,
So that all creatures can rejoice.

Little steps can be impactful,
Individual efforts count;
Others’ taunts shouldn’t undermine us
From carrying on.

So that contently we can open our eyes,
To witness,
An Earth where all creatures rejoice!

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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