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Differing Rationalities

They say: “The concept of God is a delusion; 
Everything came into existence because of a big collision.” 

The earth and the mountains, 
The forest and the fountains, 
The nature full of intricacies,
The universe full of complexities! 

Just like a car needs a driver, 
And for a cake, you need a baker,
Even the simplest things need a maker; 
How can we and our surroundings not have a Creator? 

They say: “How can there be a Supreme Power 
When human beings are their own masters?” 

Can you change your past? 
Can you delay the present? 
Can you make the sun rise from the west? 
Can you give life to the dead? 

This is how powerless are we,
This is why there is a Supreme Being –  
The One and Only; our every affair, He’s controlling, 
The Ever-Living, the All-Encompassing! 

They say: “Religion doesn’t appeal to the rational mind. 
It is just a waste of time.” 

The schools that we go to,
The universities where we enrol, 
Even in our own homes, 
A protocol is followed. 

Religion gives us that code of conduct, 
Without which, there will be misconduct. 
The true religion appeals to the rational mind, 
It gives peace and makes us more kind. 

They say: “When our bones have dried and become dust, 
Our resurrection, how can it be a must?” 

This is the world where innocents live in captivity, 
Where the killers freely roam, 
Where the politicians are untrustworthy, 
Where the sense of justice doesn’t hit home. 

Indeed, a Judgement Day is most needed, 
Where everyone, old and recent, is resurrected,
So that judgement is well established, 
The good well rewarded and the evil punished.

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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