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Broken Experiences

“Why have you come to school like this?”
“Haven’t you heard a Hijabi was recently dismissed?”
“School authorities don’t allow religious symbols!”
Seemed as if the rule was only against a particular religion!
Rituals and prayers in assembly halls were done unopposed,
Under the label of culture, the majoritarian concept was imposed!

“Are you going to take your picture with the hijab on?”
“Your application to colleges will be rejected with scorn!”
“To get success, some religious practices need to be quit.”
“School life was different and was easier to get through it”
During my school life, I never compromised with deen,
Allah made me excel in academics, causing authorities to concede!

“Your parents must be very strict,”
“You can take off your headscarf as there’s no one here to restrict!”
“Oh poor, Muslim woman! Free yourself from this oppression,
Your religion really needs some modernisation!”
People in college pretended to be saviors of the women of Islam
While bashing the whole religion with their loathsome remarks!

“Sorry we can’t hire you,”
“Your hijab will cause customers to flee!”
“No, we can’t give you a break for prayers,
Don’t bring your faith to the workplace here!”
Having seen at the reception their deity,
I just wondered at their hypocrisy!

Many a times this question would arise,
“Why do I have to stay in a place where my religion is despised?”
“Why wasn’t I born in a land where my faith is respected,
Without feeling so miserable and dejected!”
Perhaps for every nation Allah has some mission,
Choosing people who are most suitable to thrive in that condition.

For every utterance that causes despair,
Do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy, for He is All-aware!
Every scornful remark will be a source of relief,
On that Day, when mankind will be filled with grief!
So be patient and take inspiration from stories in the Qur’an,
Ponder upon the stories of Prophets to boost your imaan
From Prophet Nuh to Prophet Muhammad;
All the messengers who were sent to this world
Had their messages blatantly rejected.
Whenever they strove for Allah’s commands to be implemented,
Facing mockery and dejection had been the Sunnah.
So endure patiently; for it can be your key to Jannah!

Written by: Yusra Mohiuddin
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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