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“Prices have gone up!”

ارتفع الدولار وغلت الأسعار لكن الرزق على الواحد القهار..

The dollar has risen and prices have become exorbitant, but wealth is in the Hands of the Irresistible One.

قيل لبعض السلف :
” غلت اﻷسعار قال : أخفضوها بالاستغفار ”

It was said to a predecessor: “Prices have risen!” He replied: “Bring them down with istighfaar (seeking forgiveness).”

وقيل ﻷعرابي : لقد اصبح رغيف الخبز بدينار فأجاب : والله ما همني ذلك ولو أصبحت حبة القمح بدينار ..أنا أعبد الله كما أمرني وهو يرزقني كما وعدني !!!

It was said to a village Arab: “Bread now costs a dinar!”
He said: “By Allah, that is not important to me, even if a grain of wheat costs a dinar. I worship Allah as He ordered me, and He will provide for me as He promised.”

وأتى الناس إلى سلمه بن دينار فقالوا له : يا أبا حازم أما ترى قد غلا السعر !!! فقال : ” وما يغمكم من ذلك ؟!! إن الذي يرزقنا في الرخص هو الذي يرزقنا في الغلاء .

Some people came to Salamah ibn Dinar and said to him: “O Abu Hazim, do you not see how prices have risen?”
He replied: “And why does that make you sad? The One who enriches us in easy times is the same One Who will provide for us in hard times.”


Wealth is in the Hands of The One Who enriches (ar-Razzaaq).
“…and Allah is the best of providers.” [Surat al-Jumu’ah: 11]
Rizq (sustenance) is not just confined to money and food. The rizq of Allah is far more extensive:
– Rizq is in having good friends
– It is in having tranquility and a clear conscience
– It is in an enjoyable sleep with a roof above your head
– It is in a beautiful sight that pleases you and uplifts your spirits
– It is in a person who loves you and tolerates your mistakes
– It is in beautiful words that you read
– It is in the loving mercy of a mother or father
– It is in the shoulder of someone beloved that you can cry upon
– It is in sitting with a brother or sister that removes your worries
– It is in having the respect of those around you
– It is in the smile of a child
– It is in a gift from someone dear to you
– It is in your ability to serve yourself.
Everything that we have is rizq from Allah.
O Allah, bestow Your Pleasure upon us as You are the best of providers!

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.




  1. Tears in my eyes. I saw rizq as something only being provided by food, wealth, marriage, children, etc… But even the mercy of a mother and respect from an individual is rizq from Allah, Subhan Allah!

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