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On Tahajjud: You are the Chosen One!

​Tahajjud is an honor.​
It feels like He choose you to be with Him. He hand picked you among all of His creations. In order to listen to you while you pour your heart out before Him. Even if you don’t speak, He knows. Even if you don’t know how and where to start, He knows.
​“Whether you speak in secrecy or aloud, (it is all the same to Allah). He even knows the secrets that lie hidden in the chests of people.”​ (Quran, 67:13)
​Imagine the love and mercy He has for you, that He gives you this chance of being His guest​. To elevate your ranks, to grant you His forgiveness and to grant you the best.
That which He has kept only for His chosen ones.​
​So try to be with Him. Look for the signs of divine invitation.​ Leave everything for this sacred conversation. And be His guest of honor.
​May Allah honor you through Tahajjud​!

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.



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