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Our little child

He sobbed, holding his dead infant,
And a hundred sobbed with him.

She cried as they tore her innocence to shreds,
And a thousand cried for her.

But when bright blue eyes
Stood before the enemy
Eyes ablaze,
Voice filled with a certainty
That shook the earth.
“Allah will make you pay!”

His tiny palms,
Head facing 
Tears burning in his eyes
“Ya Allah!
I am now an orphan
Just like Your Messenger,
Please take me under your care.”

And with these words of a 7 year old,
A billion hearts broke
A million cursed humanity
But the Ummah cried.

We cried 
Because our child
A child of our brother and sister
Lost his hope in us’
In humans, in believers.

But his faith 
In the Almighty 
Never wavered.
And the Ummah cried once again
This time with pride and shame.
Pride that the little hero is one among us
And shame that we are not deserving of him.
Our little child.

Written by: Noorain Assim
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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