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The crescent of Hajj – هــــلال الــــحج

يا هــلال الحـج رأيتــك… أسافـر و ربـــي تراني
فــــــي سفري بذكر اللــه تعالى انشغل لساني

استعـــــــدت نفســـــي و روحــــــي و إيماني
قررت وقتــي نظامــي بس إلـــى ربــي منالي

بكــــل رمشـــــة العيـــــن و الكعبـــــــة أمامي
بدمي تجري القوة الحمدللـه هذا ليس خيالي

قلت تكبيرات و تلبيـــــة التكرار… أصل معاني
أشكر ربي بكل الدوائر طوفت و عرفت أحوالي

السماء فيـــه يبرق النجوم و هذا يوم وحداني
سبحان اللــه… المسلمين يعبدون لله… عالي

هجوم الناس فــي العرفة و بينهم أنا و عناني
مَن السوداء أو البيضاء؟… هــذا ليس سؤالي

 فــــــي ميـــــدان المزدلفــــة ضيـــق مكاني
نزل العـــروق من رأســــي و تضيــــق مجالي

يوم الفـــرح  عشر ذلحجة… عيدي على شاني
يذبح أبوي الخاروف وزعنا إلى مساكين دلالي

الميزان محتـــاج علــى المسلم… عنوان ثاني
قلـــت صميـــم معانــــي الحج فـــي مقالي

كــــل الذنـــــوب فعلــــت و ربـــــــي ناداني
اللــــه يا رحمٰــــن و يا رحيــــــم و ذكره عالي

هذه القصيـــدة فيهــا ذكريات نبينــا إبراهيم 
…و قصـة إبنه إسماعيل و زوجته هاجر في بالي

O the crescent moon of Hajj, I saw you.
I am on the way & my Lord is watching me.
During the journey, my tongue is busy with the remembrance of Allah

I made myself & my soul ready along with my Eman
I decided, my time & management is only for Allah.
Which is my achievement

With every blink of my eyes I see the Ka’aba in front of me
The power runs in my blood, I thank Allah this is not my fantasy 

I said Takbeer & Talbiah repeatedly. With the meaning that
I thank Allah for every round of Tawaf & I knew my conditions

In the sky, the stars are bright and this day is unique
Subhan Allah! The Muslims are all worshiping Allah

The rush of people in Arafah, among them me and my clouds
Who are the blacks and the whites? This is not a question

In Muzdalifah, my space is tightened
The sweat that falls off my forehead tightens my area

The happy day 10th of Dhul Hijjah. My Eid on a high
My father sacrificed a sheep and we distributed to the needy

The scale of every muslim is depended on his deeds, this is another topic
I have told the core meanings of hajj in my writing

I know every sin I committed but my Lord called me
Allah is the most Merciful and the Gracious and his remembrance is highest

This is the poem, in it is the remembrance of our Prophet Ibrahim
With the story of his son Ismail and his wife Hajer in my mind…

Written by: Ariba. K
©️The Islamic Reflections Blog

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