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A mercy to the worlds

Who cried for this Ummah while the world slept?
And made dua’ from the heart’s depth?
Who said, “Be kind to your women”,
During Hajj, in his last sermon?
Who refused to ask for punishment
For the people of Taif and its descendants?
Even when they pelted him with stones,
Chased him out, blood filled his shoes!
Who never hit a woman or slave all his life?
Spoke softly, dealt justly with all his wives?
Who commanded to treat animals kindly,
And treat the widows and orphans equally?
“An excellent example!” declared by Al Ahad,
The list is endless for the messenger of our Deen.
He was our beloved Muhammad,
Sent as ‘Rahmatun lil ‘Aalameen’.

Written by: Saadia
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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