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The Commander of Muslims – Muhammad قائدالمسلمين – محمد ﷺ) ﷺ)

بســــم اللـــه أبــدأ و البدايـــة
لقائــــــــــد المسلميــــــــــــن

لسيـــــــــــد الإخـــــــــــــــلاق
لنبينـــا محمــــد للعالميــــــن

صلـــوات اللــــه علــى الهادي
أرسلهــــا مــن نبـض فــــؤادي

، أقـــــول

كـــل القلـــوب لإسمـه ترتـــاح
نتبـــــع سنتـــــــه بنصيـــــــاع

ســأل ربـــه لأمتــــه السمــــاح
لنعيــــــــش فـــــي متــــــــاع

الشـــــرور خلفـــــه كالســــلاح
و مـــعه صحابتـــه في صــــراع

الإحتــــــرام للمــــرأة فـــــــاح
دفنــــــوها حيــــــة بقتنــــــاع

قريــــش من طبعها الاجتيـــاح
أبــــو لهــــب دائمــاً الخــــداع

قسـوة الكفـار و أهلــه كالجراح
لكن اللــه خلـق قلبــه الشجاع

حديثـــــــه كالنــــور المضـــاء
ما نتبعـه و هذا هو الانصيـــاع

صلــــوات اللــه علـــى الهادي
أرسلهــــا مـــن نبض فــــؤادي

In the name of Allah, I begin
For the commander of Muslims

For a man of character
Our Prophet Muhammad for the entire universe

Peace and blessings upon the Guide
I send from the core of my heart.

I say,

Every heart, from listening his name, relaxes
We follow his sunnah obeying

He asked his Lord forgiveness for his Ummah
For us to live in pleasure

The evilness behind him was like weapons
With him his companions struggled

Respect for woman was blown away
They were sentenced and buried alive

The Quraish was destructive
Abu Lahab always cheated

Wounds were given by the cruelty of the kuffar & his family
But Allah created his heart brave

His saying, his Hadith is a path to light
That we follow and this is what we obey

Peace and blessings upon the Guide
I send from the core of my heart.

Written by: Ariba. K
©️ The Islamic Reflections Blog

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