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Multiple Marriages of the Prophet ﷺ

Often times, our beloved Prophet ﷺ is accused of being a poet, a madman, a magician, and even a Casanova because he had multiple wives. The modern world which is ready to proclaim love is love and allows pedophilia, incest, sodomy, adultery, homosexuality claiming that they are merely expressions completely disregard that they are not only contrary to the beliefs of Islam but have many underlying scientific pieces of evidence that
these activities are harmful to the individuals and society as a whole. People continue to not only engage in such activities but normalize it. It is truly ironic, that this hypocritical modern world proclaiming to be based on love doesn’t miss a chance to criticize the Prophet ﷺ.

Marriages of the Prophet ﷺ

Prophet ﷺ married for the first time at the age of twenty-five to a woman fifteen years elder to him. She was a widow and also the only wife who bore him kids. Modernists claim he was lustful. If their claims were right, why would a man in his youth choose an older and widowed woman? Today we live in a society where shallow men think marrying a woman who has crossed the age of thirty is like buying a
newspaper in the evening.

Yet, our Prophet ﷺ not only chose her but did not marry anyone until she died. She was his most beloved wife and the year she died was the year of great misery and hardship for him.

We all know how today’s leaders, priests, and big politicians exploit their position of power to fulfill their lust and desires, easily getting away with their scams. Prophet ﷺ was a human being too. He had needs and desires just like any other human.

He ate, he slept, he urinated, protected himself from cold and heat, enjoyed food and drink and other things dictated by human nature. (Islamqa 118102) In spite of being a leader, a prophet, he never used illicit and deceptive means to fulfill his desires. He married them officially with all respect and mahr.

Most of his wives were widowed or captives except Ayesha (RA). Even Ayesha (RA) was considered of marriageable age because those were the times when marrying young was a norm in the Arabian Peninsula. In spite of Meccans wanting to kill him, he never faced a single criticism marrying Ayesha (RA). His character was never the reason for their hatred but his message of worshipping one Lord which was contrary to their polytheistic beliefs.

Why did he marry older widowed women? What did he gain?

He chose piety and beauty of soul over physical beauty, uplifting women by marrying widows so that he could take care of them and protect them. As marriage strengthens the ties of friendship and brotherhood, he married his tribe’s daughters to strengthen relationships and Islam. He worked towards increasing the number of female teachers who would convey Islam and his private life to the Muslim nation. (Islamqa 127066)

He was a man who gave equal rights to his wives and never showed favoritism amongst them even as they varied in ages and degree of beauty. He could have chosen beautiful and virgin wives as many as he wanted but he chose noble and sublime reasons to marry them. From his biography, we all know he had a chaste, honorable and sublime character and he was well known for these qualities among his enemies. (Islamqa 127066)

Written by: Bint_Rafiq
Edited by: Noorain A
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