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A mere clot hanging in the womb,
Into a complex human being it blooms.
By a process so astounding –
Complex and mind-boggling!

Her body starts to prepare,
Trying to give the utmost possible care.
Sacrifices made – uncountable!
Pain bore – unendurable!

At the sight of the newborn,
You can see her smiling.
Holding it in her arms, adorned,
Imparts the world’s best feeling!

Waking up at night,
Upon hearing the little cries;
Its sleep is now her sleep;
Her thoughts are of its upkeep.

Little feet as they begin to crawl,
Little tongue as it begins to speak out,
Joyous feeling it imparts –
Taking away the mother’s heart!

Nurtured and loved unconditionally,
All she wanted was its success eternally.
O Lord! Upon her have mercy,
As she brought me up in my juvenility!

Written by:   Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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