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When things are falling apart

Sometimes in life comes such situations,
All seems shattered, a sudden termination.
Like the water that flows in the ocean,
Without a pause, always in motion;
Going on with the flow,
Breaking in between by the rocks blow.
Life follows a similar course.
It doesn’t stop, keeps moving despite the remorse.
Some days the tears do find a way;
They lessen down the burdens that weigh.
How can the tears be a sign of weakness,
When dark clouds rain only to bring coolness?

Only a few share the pain.
Seclusion; speaking to the Creator helps to sustain.
Words and tears that no one else understands –
Except He Who created Adam with His Own Hands.
It’s patience that helps to keep going –
Beautiful patience and reliance unfaltering.

Is there anything constant in the world so diverse?
Alternation is an important law of this universe.
To stand tall, the seed has to face the darkness;
Happiness is just a little away from the demotivating sadness.
May every trial cause increment in your fortitude,
Bring you closer to the Right Path, increase you in gratitude.
Sometimes when things are falling apart,
They may actually be falling into the best place in life’s part.

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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