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Healing by Prophetic Medicine – Olive

Zait, Olive.
Narrated from Abu Huraira [RA] that prophet Muhammad [] said: “Eat the olive and use it as ointment, because it is produced by a blessed tree.” 
Zait is hot and wet in first degree. Also, the quality of the oil depends on the tree that produces it. Olive oil helps against poisons, works as a laxative, and  rids the body of worms. Old olive oil leans more towards being hot and decomposing. When oil is mixed with water it leans more towards being less hot and milder and more beneficial. All kind of olive oil softens the skin and slows the aging process. Salt water blended with oil helps against blistering. Olives also strengthen gums and help against skin infections.
Healing with the medicine of prophet [pbuh], Second edition, pg. 267, 267.
By: Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah.
Maktab Dar-Us-Salam, 2003.
Written  by:  Mateeba Quazi
Edited by: The Editorial Team
Team IR

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