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The Unspoken Truth behind Failed Marriages – Extravagance

Living in the 21st century has its pros and cons. But is it not fair to say that with time, people have lost their intellect and way of viewing the reality? Where one end of the world is dying of starvation, the other is blindly focused on feeding off the wealth, that Allahﷻ  has blessed them with, in the most ridiculous manner. What are you being awarded, for purchasing the best dress and wearing the most expensive make up? What are you being given, for booking the best hall and arranging the best band for music, which has become an area of interest for many, despite it being haraam? How foolish is man, indeed.
By spending all his fortune over Nikaah, he hardly receives any recognition. Had he chosen to follow the Islamic guidelines, he would have been considered a gem in Allah’s ﷻ eyes.
Yet, the Ummah of today chooses not the “fortune” of the Aakhirah, but the #trends of this duniya.
May Allah ﷻ grant us the logic to understand Islam and its beautiful guidelines, and assist us in following the Deen in a better manner. ALLAHUMMA AAMEEN.
Written by: AdropofHumanity / Binth malik
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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