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Good character – A beautiful way of communication

Broken relationships, severed ties,
Mistrust, distrust, so many fights!
To prevent this growing ailment in society,
Make good character a part of your identity.

Trust your parents
With your problems,
Just like Prophet Yusuf, who shared his vision
To find proper guidance and direction.

Treat your parents with due respect
Even if world’s riches you accumulate,
Do not say ‘uff’,
Just like Prophet Yusuf.

Your top concern should be your family,
Not your rapport in society;
Just like Prophet Musa with whom Allaah spoke,
When, for his family, he went to get some fire and smoke.

Do consultation not only from the learned
But also from your children;
Just like Prophet Dawood heard
The judgment of Prophet Sulaiman – his young son.

The tender hearts of children
Love kindness and gentleness;
Just like Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, play with them;
Call them affectionately with beautiful names.

Healthy relationships make one happy.
Increase in wealth and a long life you’ll win;
Just like Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said informingly,
If you maintain good ties with kith and kin.

Kindness breeds kindness;
With your neighbors don’t get irritated;
Just like Prophet Muhammad ﷺ instructed,
With a believer, his neighbor is not ravenous.

In pain, this Ummah is agonizing –
Raise up your hands in front of Al-Baari;
Just like Prophet Ibraaheem,
Pray for your children and upcoming progeny.

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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