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When Greed Met Compassion

It was quarter to twelve.
Street lights dimmed by the cold mist,
Worn out sock on one foot and a ripped leather shoe on the other,
Compassion folded the two dollar notes in his hands,
And with a frail smile, hid them away in his pockets.

Compassion had begun closing down the food stall,
Before Greed, a well-dressed man,
Asked Compassion for a cup of tea.
Compassion readily opened his stall again
In expectance of making more for the day.
Greed shoved a dollar in Compassion’s hand,
But Compassion asked for a change.
Greed smirked and remarked:
“I don’t keep cents, let it be a note,
Or else, you’ll lose the coins like the other pair of your shoe.”
Without uttering a word,
Compassion quietly prepared his tea.

A while later, little Hunger and Thirst wandering the streets
Approached Greed and held out their blistered hands.
Annoyed, he gave them a cold-shoulder.
Greed, embarrassed to be seen with mendicants,
Silently stepped away sipping his tea.

Hunger and Thirst then came to Compassion.
Compassion, in despondence,
Counted the notes.
But without any hesitance,
He gave away a note to each.

Greed observed the three from a distance.
Compassion took off his only shoe and gave it to Hunger.
Hunger and Thirst, both, now wore a matching pair,
Bid farewell to Compassion and joyfully hopped away.
Compassion stood there smiling
As he tucked away the only dollar note left in his hand.

Greed, astounded by the humbleness of Compassion,
Quietly walked away in shame.

Money was found in the pockets of both
Compassion and Greed.
Greed lost it to ungratefulness,
But Compassion lost it
Only to earn the title ‘Mutasaddiq’.
Truly, they are those whom Allah loves most.

Written by: Areeba Khan
Edited by: The Editorial Team

© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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