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Don’t Use Bad Language

Mahmud was a very pious man, but he was not very attractive. One day, he was walking along the road, minding his own business, when a lady came up to him and started calling him names and abusing him. The lady kept saying all kinds of nasty things, and Mahmud listened to her patiently. Finally, when she was done, Mahmud smiled, greeted her and said, “Nice day to you,” and continued on his way.
Why did Mahmud, the pious man, behave this way?
It is because he knew that everything she said was just a reflection of her inner self.
When we use bad language, we just showcase to everyone how far we are from Allah ﷻ, since words, in reality, are a reflection of our inner selves.

Come on, kids, let’s try a quiz based on this heartfelt story.

Made by:  Zainish Shamsi
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