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Ramadan Reminders 2020, Day 18


هَٰذَاا يَوْمُ لَا يَنطِقُونَ* وَلَا يُؤْذَنُ لَهُمْ فَيَعْتَذِرُونَ* 

“This is a Day they will not speak, Nor will it be permitted for them to make an excuse.”

[Surah Al-Mursalat 77: 35-36]

When we stand before Allah ﷻ on the day of judgement, we would be put in a situation where we cannot raise excuses in front of Him. So, what excuse do we have now? In many situations we have readymade reasons and explanations for things we are unable to do. Allah ﷻ has blessed us with innumerable bounties that we are ignorant of and ungrateful for, sometimes. We fail to make use of the blessings and actually end up complaining about our troubles and misfortunes. So as believers, we need to set our priorities straight and don’t give up on our dreams and goals owing to lame excuses. May Allah ﷻ make us from those who are constantly striving to fulfil their goals, portray persistence, show patience and are always working without excuses, اللهم آمين.

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