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The Rights of Children

Assalamu Alaikum Little Muslims!

As Muslim children, do you have rights? Yes, Allah ﷻ has given children rights over their parents just as parents have rights over their children.

Come on, by doing this fun worksheet, let’s find out what rights Islam has honoured you little ones with!
Click here to download the worksheet!
Click here to download the answer key!
Written by:  Aafrin Sohai
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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2 thoughts on “The Rights of Children

  1. Subhan Allah, this is amazing! I teach classes for boys this age group and girls who are a little older and am always looking for ways to make the classes fun. These worksheets are fun. May Allah give you ajr. Jazak Allah khair 🙂

    1. Waiyaky 🙂 Counting on you to spread the word about us and earn rewards, bidnillah.

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