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Secular Education–Yes or No?

My Dearest Teacher,
This little creature
Requests you to shed light
On something that needs insight.

“Do we only acquire Islamic teachings
And shun secular education?”
This question is causing confusion,
And I seek its answer in desperation.

My Dear Child,
I acknowledge your question,
By Allah’s leave, I’ll try to guide,
Just listen with full attention.

Iqra’, which means ‘to read’,
Was the first word revealed;
Rabbi zidnī ‘ilma (my Lord, increase me in knowledge)
Allah told us to make this du’a.

The Qur’an enumerates a lot of examples,
Ranging from the water cycle to the birth of a human;
It also mentions some historical events,
And some future happenings, it foretells.

Repeatedly, Allah presents these examples in the Qur’an
And tells us to ponder in order to understand;
Seeking knowledge upon every Muslim is incumbent,
As affirmed by our dearest Prophet.

When your school’s teaching
Coincides with the Qur’an’s preaching,
Don’t you feel awed by Allah’s Magnificence –
How, so long ago, He detailed everything with excellence?

During the Golden Age of Islam,
There were people of eemaan,
Who were scholars and astronomers,
Doctors and geographers.

No matter how favourable secular education may seem,
Know that, without Islamic teachings,
You’ll lose your worth and self-esteem;
Therefore, balance both to keep flourishing.

Secular schooling isn’t a prohibition,
Rather it’s a necessity for worldly provisions;
Use it to understand your deen better,
So that, to your Creator, you get closer.

Thank you, Dearest Teacher,
For answering this little creature!
May Allah bless you with the best
Of this world and the next.

Written by : Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflection

2 thoughts on “Secular Education–Yes or No?

  1. Mashallah
    It’s amazing script

  2. Subhanallah! What a beautiful message! Great work!

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