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“Being Gay Is Natural?” – A True Muslim Perspective


Homosexuality is on the rise due to its increasing number of members and supporters all around the world. A homosexual person was once thought to be mentally ill because of their claims, but today, the roles have been reversed and the person who denies homosexuality is thought to be mentally unfit. The propaganda of homosexuality today is a series of chaotic ideas and theories that perplexes the human mind; starting from gender fluidity — where a person can be any gender they want to be, to the practice of sex reassignment — where a person thinks that he/she is born in the wrong body and need to fix that mistake. Not only do they change their biological gender, but they also sometimes simply believe they were born gay. Apart from that, this community establishes and promotes cross-dressing like the opposite gender; it’s deemed completely normal for everyone to wear whatever they want, even if it was a man wearing a dress. The most well-known one today is the change in “pronouns” made by the LGBTQ+ community to describe a human being; now, even girls can use the pronoun “he”, and an individual can also be referred to as “they” or “them.” Not only science but grammar has also been altered to understand these individuals.

Despite the claim that these individuals are not accepted or embraced by society, their rising popularity demands that anyone and everyone must accept their absurd theories. How can this be acceptable when there is a clear political agenda behind all this? How can this be natural when there are numerous errors in their concepts? How is it fair that a person who rejects them becomes an outcast while they continue to think that they are treated like outcasts? All these questions must be sought after by a Muslim instead of acknowledging this ridiculous norm.

Fitrah – The Innate Nature

“…I have created My servants as one having a natural inclination to the worship of Allah but it is Satan who turns them away from the right religion and he makes unlawful what has been declared lawful for them…”

[Sahih Muslim 2865a]

“No child is born except on Al-Fitra (Islam) and then his parents make him Jewish, Christian or Magian….”

[Sahih Bukhari 4775]

Fitrah is the pure innate nature present in every human being which helps him/her differentiate between right and wrong. This fitrah is completely pure in nature unless influenced by external factors, and homosexuality is certainly a result of that. Hence, it’s counted as a choice rather than the part and parcel of the fitrah. As a matter of fact, feelings of homosexuality are known to arise suddenly, which contradicts fitrah. If it was really innate it should exist naturally, not transform circumstantially.

Whilst the true nature of man is that Allah ﷻ has created humans in pairs and in affirmation of it, Allah ﷻ says:

“Allah created you from dust, then from a drop of semen, then He made you pairs [male and female].”

[Qur’an 35:11]

Scientific Evidence

Science has considerable competency in the field of nature. Research and analysis have been done to find the so-called “gay gene” in order to promote the idea that a person can be homosexual by birth. Recent research that was carried out in 2019, a  team led by Brendan Zietsch of the University of Queensland, Australia arrived at the conclusion that there is no such identification of the gay-gene. Earlier on, in 1993 geneticist Dean Hamer of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and his colleagues published a paper suggesting that an area on the X chromosome called Xq28 could contain a “gay gene.” But other studies, including this new study in 2019, found no such link, and Sathirapongsasuti, a computational biologist at genetic testing company, says that ‘the new study is the final nail in the coffin for Xq28 as a cause of same-sex attraction’.

Some scientists who endorse homosexual behavior have made irrational claims without sufficient evidence or findings. For instance, it was claimed in 1951 that gay behavior is not abnormal because it occurs in some animal species. This claim has been refuted as some animals naturally eat their own species, whereas cannibalism in humans is not natural. Another claim made in the 80s was that homosexuals share a brain gland with a size that is similar to that of a small gland found in females. Later on, however, it was discovered that while it was the same size as men, it had reduced in size due to the practice of homosexuality and not because it was in-born.

Eventually, all these studies and assumptions were in vain and baseless, as they could never find authenticity in something that was fabricated.

From Contradiction to Confusion

Muslims are in a state of utter confusion due to the rise of Muslim homosexuals and their liberal Muslim supporters. They claim that Allah ﷻ doesn’t defy the nature of homosexuality as He is the one who created them. They misinterpret Quranic verses and hadeeth in order to further confuse the laymen. These so-called Muslim supporters steer clear of the Quranic verses about Prophet Lut’s (peace be upon him) story, while they wrongly establish acceptance of homosexuality from the verses of equality. For instance,

Follow the Quran, the best of what has been revealed to you from your Lord”

[Qur’an 39:55]

As for the hadeeth, it’s completely disregarded because of the orientalist view that hadeeth was recorded only after the 2nd century and not during the lifetime of Prophet ﷺ. Yet, these people, in regard to Prophet ﷺ, blatantly claim that he would have stood for the rights of homosexuals since it’s the truth according to them.


As Muslims, we affirm and submit to Allah ﷻ, The Most Perfect Creator, Worthy of all Praise and Splendor. And He is free from all imperfections. And our Lord has given us the Deen, a clear and complete path of truth.

The concept of homosexuality makes one deny the magnificent attributes of Allah ﷻ. He is “The Perfect Creator and The Bestower of best forms” who fashioned us in the perfect forms. Then how can one speculate oneself to be something they are not? It is a speculation raised towards “His Perfection”. Hence, it’s the choice of a Muslim whether he is a slave to the Lord of the Worlds or a slave to this vicious conspiracy. And just because Islam attributes to peace doesn’t mean that it will fall to the level of accepting every boisterous whim and desire that man deems right.

In conclusion, homosexuality is never a natural phenomenon because it is a play on desire that an individual selects for themselves. Just like the act of choosing to murder innocents is considered abnormal behavior, regardless of the statements the murderer may make for his plea, his act will remain unnatural. Therefore, homosexuality cannot be an exception even with its illogical explanations. So, ponder and ask yourself: Do you honestly believe that homosexuality is innate to and a part of the nature of man?

Written by: Musmirah
Edited by: The Editorial Team
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