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Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Look what just happened!
Something’s been hampered
In a few seconds!

Nothing’s unusual in this,
It’s the norm currently
To sever ties of kinship
For issues so worldly!

None can be free of blame, I admit,
But petty issues can surely be dismissed;
Instead, a tumult is created,
Ties, all the more, are weakened!

Often do we let go of our relations—
Siblings don’t want to see each other;
Nephews, nieces, aunts, and uncles,
All run away from one another!

The venom of hatred doesn’t end,
As it is passed down to the next generation,
Who blindly accept all that’s fed,
Without working for any reconciliation!

This toxicity consumes one so much
That elders are no longer respected by the young!
Yes, your elder may have been wrong,
But who gave you the authority to shout?

Looking back brings such good memories!
All gets lost in a jiffy!
Just one overlook and forgiveness
To maintain ties so precious!

All bearing the tag of practising Muslims,
But forgetting when it comes to kith and kin!
Blinded by the love of close ones,
Forget to be just when it comes to extended ones!

None want to listen to the other party,
Inwardly all harbouring animosity,
Outwardly all showing generosity—
Is this how ties should be held firmly?

They read the Qur’an,
Yet they don’t ponder
That Allah’s curse is on the one
Who sever what should’ve been firm!

Indeed, Ar Rahm* understood,
So in front of its Lord it stood.
What did it stand for?
It sought protection from being cut off!

To its plea, Allah responded,
To take care of those who uphold the ties,
To cut off those who have them severed—
A promise binding since the universe’s creation!

What’s been damaged needs to be mended,
What’s tangled needs to be untangled;
Didn’t our beloved Prophet reconcile
With those who caused him to migrate?

Often fail the efforts for reconciliation,
Often insults are hurled as humiliation,
Things always see an escalation,
Without any signs of amelioration.

A person’s continuous striving for reconciliation
Is equivalent to putting hot dust in the mouths of the unrelenting opposition,
Allah’s support he will always garner,
As told by the beloved Prophet of Allah.

It’s said: to live happily,
Maintain the ties of kith and kin;
Similar has been said by Allah and His Prophet
That maintaining ties increases rizq and longevity.

We talk for Ummah’s unity,
Why don’t we talk of our own disunity?
Will all these charities compensate
For all the ties that are broken?

Is it so hard to sit and talk?
Is it so hard to apologize if you’re wrong?
Is it so easy to forget all the love?
Is it so easy to cut off all the terms?

Think of all the good times you’ll have
If all these ties can come back!
Moments of laughters and smiles,
Free from anxieties and spites!

Above all, think of your accountability,
Which will happen undeniably!
Let’s fight against our biggest enemy
By foiling his plot of causing disunity.

When we love someone truly,
We don’t let them go easily,
We show patience and compassion,
We put in our best possible efforts.

These ties are sacred in Allah’s Eyes;
Put in your best and strive!
Come, once again, let’s unite!
Come, once again, let’s smile!

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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