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Difference between Maturity & Personality

Maturity Vs Personality
Many people tend to think that these two terms are one and the same, but in reality they are very different.
Maturity – Anyone can be mature, and there are several reasons behind someone’s maturity.
But the personality of a person is different. Here we are talking about the character of that person.The beginning of 14/15 years old are usually rough for some of us. When you grow up and reach 20 and above you start to think how much time you have wasted in acts like fights, hurtful satanic relationships that have no future, getting into trouble now and then…all these are things you will come to realize were just the ups and downs of the teenage life. But when we reach 20(approximately) and above we are seen as mature. We no longer fight physically over silly things, we become settled and our minds start thinking on how to handle situations with  Wisdom
But all this comes if you choose to let go of childish quarrels every now and then.
Then here, it becomes your personality/character. To always answer back using wise words, and not using forces in fights to make your message reach the targeted audience.
It’s the same message/context,  but the method of how you will put it across differs according to the age.
Below 20, it was through fights.
Above 20 we are expecting through wise words.
But if it becomes the opposite then surely that’s the personality of that person. That’s who he/she is. Fighting is the only way he/she can put a message across, and mind you,  their characters are stuck with super glue.
That’s who he is and will be in future unless Allah has mercy on him.
Well, let’s give an example to enlighten this topic more.
A 20 year old girl is still into bad habits, maybe stealing, cheating, or gossiping.
Well let’s analyze this situation.
We expect someone at 20 to be mature right? Passed the teenage troublesome years.
You are no longer seen as a  minor .
Well, then why do people still have the same old behaviors? Why are they still acting like kids?
Some might say, it depends.
Someone can be underage but talks with big minds.
It actually depends on  what life that minor was exposed to . What phases of life has he/she passed through while at that tender age.
At the same time, someone can be in their late 30s and still into childish behaviour.
Let’s be more specific to give a wider look at the matter:
A 30 year old guy has a good job, has a wife, kids, a house, and a car. Perfect.Looks  mature  right? And focused?
By  Our definition: maturity is the ability to stay focused, keep ahead in life, and develop yourself financially.
But this same guy has crazy, unthinkable, behaviour. This same person who in our eyes looks like someone to be adored and looked up to is doing dirty things that never will they come across your mind.
He falls into zina, beats up his wife, has a bad mouth, turns what we see as the  lovely home  from “paradise” into “hell.”
That’s his personality, that’s his character.  That’s  who he is.
Stop being fooled into thinking that he will change.
There’s nothing like: “he seems immature, maybe he will grow up and mature and realise his mistake, keep being patient…”
These are  lies  that we keep advising each other, as they say:
“Free Advice is for all”
Someone at 30 years of age still fights using physical strength?
Someone who has a home? Runs a family ? Still we repeat the famous quote,
Please Note: This is not to make people lose Sabr (Wanaudhu billah min dhalik) God Forbid! But it is a way of seeing the reality here. Stop being in the dark, waiting for a light door to open while you don’t realize the fact of the situation.
Many people are being brainwashed and they never see reality. They suffer both emotionally and physically.
This takes us to the next topic, in shaa Allah!
Human is to Err, We all Make Mistakes
What type of mistakes are meant by the above Statement?
Stay tuned for more to come, bidnillah!

Written by: Sr. Amatullah B.M.



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