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Think a Little – فكّر شوي

ريح و تكلم بعد خمس دقايق
ما دام مزاجك من زمانك معكّر

تحكي للناس حزنك في قصايد
ليه الهم في البال و باقي تفكّر

ما تقول عنه درب الحدايق
و لك زهور البساتين تسكّر

ليه تضيع نفسك و دوم منت رايق
دربك واحد أمشي فيه تبحر

وقتك يمضي حثيث و أنت ضايق
التفت حولك وشوف كيف أنت متغير

واضح بين رعشة أصابعك هم وقلق
و الحزن موت ليه ما تفكّر مبكّر

خلق الله المخلوق و الخلايق
و فيهم أنت و وقتك المقدر

احسبها صح ولا تخلي هذه الخمسة دقايق
…فكر شوي و ح تتذكّر

كاتبة: أريبه

Take a pause & speak after 5 minutes
Your swinging mood since your situation is troubled

You showed the world your poems of sadness
Why are the concerns revolving around your mind… Think!

That which you speak of is a path between gardens
Well, for you, the flowers of gardens are closed

Why are you narrowing yourself?
Instead, your path is one, so walk towards it

Your time passes quickly, and so you don’t realize it
Look, see the transformation in yourself

Your fingers are full of sweat as you worry with needless concern
Sadness leads to death why haven’t you thought of it earlier?

Allah has created Mankind
And you among them, yet your time is ticking

If you want to make it count
Do not leave these 5 minutes
Think a little, and you will remember

Written by: Ariba. K
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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