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Be! and It Is!

 You feel the world is tearing you apart, your anxieties and depression are consuming you like a parasite. All you wish is that you could change that one incident or person in your life and you will be happy and joyful again. You are trying hard, yearning for your du’a to get accepted but still, no answer. You feel it’s impossible or maybe your Lord is not paying attention to your wishes or maybe you are too sinful to deserve those blessings.
But, oh dear, do you know your Lord is the Creator of this universe, the mountains and rivers and of you too. He is also the Creator of all that you desire. It’s easy for Him to give you what you want and to give you more than what you have ever imagined. Indeed, He is very much capable. It’s all the matter of كن, Be! And it will be. Keep making du’a, don’t lose faith, and one day you will get whatever you have desired for or maybe more!
Written by: Bint_Rafiq
Edited by: The Editorial Team
Team IR

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