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The door

Overcome by desires and a tinge of fear,
I stand facing the open door;
I may enter it and satisfy my heart,
But will I exit, I’m unsure.

‘One last time’ I say to myself,
‘After this I will stop and repent’;
But what if death knocks on my door,
Before my dua’ to seek forgiveness, is spent?

‘It’s a matter of a few moments’,
I hear the Satan whispering;
‘Don’t delay a second anymore,
You shouldn’t keep them waiting!’

I set my foot beyond the door,
Suppressing the fear, blinded by Iblees;
Soon I am lost in the delights of my desires,
Shattering my Imaan into several pieces.

But along with the unlawful happiness,
I experience an unknown pain;
Searching for its source, I find,
The torch of Taqwa still ignited to catch flame.

I look around myself, where I am,
I realise to my horror I am completely lost;
Frantically searching for that single spark,
I turn away to find the exit at any cost.

Blindly running, I trip and fall down,
And the world around turns pitch black;
That is when I face the Malak Al Maut,
I cry out of fear, but there is no turning back!  

I wake up startled by my screams,
Realising, I’m home, to my relief;
I raise my hands and with tears of gratitude I beg,
To protect me from Satan and to strengthen my belief.  

Written by: Saadia
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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