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Ramadan Gift Boxes

Ramadan is near and we all are getting ready to prepare for Eid. It is the month of giving and sharing gifts with your family, friends, neighbors, and society at large. Giving charity is more virtuous in the month of Ramadan, where deeds are multiplied. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was very generous as a person, he used to love exchanging gifts and greetings with people in the month of Ramadan.
So brighten up your Ramadan and Eid preparations in advance  to plan your Eid gift with your loved ones; increase the enthusiasm of Eid and make it more special decorating your home with  the following  gifts!

1. White Customized Printed Gifts Wholesale Islamic Gifts

By ;( Islamic Gifts 123 USA)
White pencils printed in colors, kids will love it!

2. Decoration MOON mix Balloons-

By; Islamic Gifts 123—-USA—-

  • Ramadan Mubarak in English & Arabic, mix-color, eye-catching design of balloons-Strong quality.
  • Order a Pack of 100 balloons.
  • WE ARE OFFERING FREE SHIPPING ON EID BALLOONS. Decorate multiple rooms with these; our Balloons-Banners, window sign and lights.


3. Happy Ramadan (12) Mini Flash Light

BY: Islamic Gifts 123 USA

4. EID MUBARAK Balloons Gold Glitter Banner (11 pieces)

By: Anei

  • Material: Latex + cardboard
  • Flags: Single letter about 10’14 cm, rope length: 3 m; Balloon: 10 inch, about 25 cm in diameter after pumping
  • Packing list: 1xEID MUBARAK letters hanging flags; 10 x 10 inch balloon

5. Eid Mubarak Banner


  • Perfect decoration for Eid, you can try using it on the wall, above the food table, at the entrance.
  • You can stick the balloons anywhere you like, or string them as banner with the included rope.
  • The balloons come flat and are not pre-assembled as a banner, so don’t wait till the last minute before using.
  • 16-inch height of the letters, all made of premium mylar foil, will not float even filled with helium.

6. Stella & Chan Happy Eid Mubarak Balloons – 40 Pack – 5 Colors (Blue, Green, Blue, Gold, Pink, and Purple) Eid Al Fitr& Eid Al Adha Eid Mubarak Print

by Stella & Chan

  • 5 metallic colors in one pack (blue, green blue, gold, pink, and purple): assorted colors to decorate your home or venue.
  • This Eid balloon kit creates an Eid-ul-Fitr atmosphere your guests will surely love.
  • No harmful chemical smell: inflate each party balloon safely with family and friends. Also safe for kids to take home.


7. Eid Mubarak Centerpiece and Table Decoration Kit by big dot happiness

  • Ramadan Table Decoration Kit includes 1 large Eid Mubarak centerpiece, 2 scalloped centerpieces, 12 scalloped table confetti pieces and 24 round table confetti pieces. Ramadan table decorations are perfect for an Eid Mubarak.
  • Ramadan decoration kit size 1 Accordion-Folded Centerpiece (may also be formed into a cube using the included stickers), 30″ long x 7.5″ tall; 2 Scalloped Centerpiece Stands, 5.5″ wide x 5.75″ tall; 12 Scalloped Table Confetti Circles, 2.5″ diameter; and 24 Round Table Confetti Circles, 1.5″ diameter. The unique design and variety of pieces makes this Eid decoration kit an impressive addition to any Eid Mubarak.
  • Easy Table Decor: Ramadan large centerpiece paired with the scalloped stands looks great down the length of a table or separated onto three different tables and accented with the confetti pieces. Get creative and use the table confetti for DIY party ideas, as well. Hole punch each scalloped circle and sting as a small banner, use as favor tags or add to candy jars. Happy Eid centerpiece and decoration kit will make a statement however you choose to use them.

8. Paper Straw Decor – Eid Mubarak Striped Decorative Straws – Set of 24

  • Ramadan Straw Decor includes 24 Eid Mubarak paper cut outs, 25 coordinating paper straws & clear stickers for easy assembly. Yes, you’ll receive one extra straw. Ramadan DIY party supplies are perfect for a party.
  • Ramadan straw decor will add a touch of charm to your party tables.
  • Use these adorable Eid Mubarak party accessories as straws or swizzle sticks
  • The paper straws can also be cut in half and used as cupcake picks once the shaped cut out is attached.


9. Eid Mubarak Paper Table Runner–

By Big Dot of Happiness
Ramadan Party Table Runner is an easy way to decorate for your Ramadan party and bring the Eid Mubarak party theme to life. Easily dress up any food or gift table with this cute paper table runner.

10. Eid Mubarak Giant Circle Confetti

  • Ramadan Giant Circle Confetti includes 27 large lantern, crescent moon, and mosque confetti. Ramadan decorations are perfect for an Eid Mubarak.
  • Ramadan giant circle confetti size 5.5 inches large circles, six qty; 4.25 inches medium circles, nine qty; and 2.75 inches small circles, twelve qty. The unique design and large size make these Eid party decorations an impressive addition to any Eid Mubarak party.
  • Easy Table Decor: Ramadan giant circle confetti comes in a variety of coordinating patterns in three different sizes. Scatter them down the length of your party tables, add them to centerpieces or hole-punch them and string together as an Eid Mubarak banner.


رمضان مبارك

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