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Oh, the beautiful story of Yusuf!

Ya Abati!” (My dear father)
A son calls
Ya Bunaiyya” (My little son)
A dad responds.

A dream he narrates,
Insignificant for a man;
Yet he first seeks
None other than his dad.

A father-son conversation
With utmost appreciation,
Love and trust you can’t deny.
Do fathers now give kids their time?

Patience, a quality essential,
With children, since time immemorial.
When absurdly, atrociously and unrelentingly they behave,
Remember the ten of Yaqub.
Makes us question how he stayed.

For only Sabrun Jameel remained
With every passing day he prayed.

Adolescents, as they say,
Remind them and wait.
For didn’t the brothers of Yusuf
Turn back to their Lord, the Great?

Behind bars he faced
Conversation with the inmates.
Beautiful preaching was his way
For every answer, with wisdom he gave.

From prison to the throne;
A story forever being told.
Servants at his command.
Humility enveloped his every demand.

“Binyamin, little bro,
Your big brother’s back!
And he’s got ya!”
Taking him under his wing,
In a land bestowed by the King.

A position way above his brothers
First glance; could have ruffled their feathers.
But forgiveness Yusuf preferred
With his brothers who had erred.

Take a moment;
Picture that intense scenario.
A family feud, we say –
Dissolved in a beautiful way.
A dua from the victim that, may
God forgive you for your play.

Ya Abati!” once again.
Happiness hard to contain.
Yusuf at the seat of power;
His parents he raised.
Young and naive then,
Powerful and strong now,
And yet his expression remains
Ya Abati!” – a lesson to take.

Nurture a bond,
Be it a neighbor, colleague or an enemy,
With care, kindness and mercy.
With your parents,
Make it the “Ya Abati – Ya Bunaiyya” bond.

In today’s world, a rare sight to see;
A human respected for his speech.
Yet, Yusuf is a chapter
Named after the man himself;
The descendant of the friend of the Most High!

It is a story so beautiful indeed;
For every conversation
So meaningful and deep.
Lessons to live by.
And with every mention,
May they always guide.

Written by: Noorain Assim
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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  1. A mesmerizing poem. Loved it. Barakallahu feeki.

Jazaakumullah Khairan! Thank You! We appreciate your efforts to leave us a comment :)