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Ilmspired English Review – Innovative Educational App for Muslim Kids

With a generation of kids having access to gadgets and most often than not having a terribly hard time getting something beneficial to keep them entertained, what I did come across recently as a Muslim parent, really brightened up my day (and my kids’) – The Ilmspired app!

The reason for my joy lay in the way Ilmspired was designed; a user-friendly, child-friendly (Salaam Bot’ voice!), knowledge-packing, Islamic toolbox that gave the foundations to your child in a super fun and engaging manner.

It takes your child through the basics be it daily duas or pillars of Islam and Eemaan in a series of different types of games with super cool names like Fard Salat slam dunk!

Going through the app myself I was quite engrossed in it as a mum so it was no surprise when my kids were quite smitten with everything Ilmspired showed them.

Did you know about the contributions Muslims made to science? About recent Muslim inspirational figures? About some of the most exceptional people around the Prophet (ﷺ)? I learnt it from the app and so have my kids. 

Story time with Ilmspired is absolutely one thing my kids enjoy the most. With the voice over reading in a pace that will have your kids listening attentively and at the same time reading along if they are older and looking at the pictures on the screen as they transition from scene to scene, it is quite a wonderful feature of the app.

And now my favorite and proud moment as a mum – looking at the trophies and awards my kids get as they take the Ilmspired quizzes. An absolute delight to watch their faces break into the victory smiles as they get the answers right and that’s when I feel accomplished knowing that they’ve learnt a bit more of their deen and are happy.

Registered users have access to 2 more exciting features: the Wall of Awesome where kids can upload a picture or a poem which may be featured on the app!

Also, children can now select and customize avatars in the Avatar Studio. By being able to change skin tone, hair, eye color and clothes, they can celebrate the diversity of our ummah.

In a nutshell, I would totally recommend the Ilmspired App.

It can be downloaded from the App Store Here

or Google Play Here

or at

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Baaraka Allah Feekum.
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