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Ramadan Reminders 2022, Day 27


Breathing in a vessel is prohibited. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ advised us to remove the drinking vessel from the mouth after each sip and then take a breath, before drinking some more. One must hold their breath when taking a sip.

According to Ibn al Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him), when water enters the hot, thirsty stomach at intervals, the second sip will quench the thirst left by the first, and the third will quench the thirst left by the first two. Drinking water in one breath can destroy the temperament of the stomach and liver because of the abrupt dissipation of the instinctive heat.

One must say Bismillah before drinking, be seated, and use their right hand to drink. They must praise Allah ﷻ once they finish the drink.

This method of drinking water, according to sunnah, is safer for the body, quenches thirst better, and prevents contamination.

May Allah ﷻ guide us to follow the footsteps of His Messenger ﷺ and bless us with aafiyah.

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