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Ramadan Reminders 2022, Day 9


The Messenger of Allah ﷺ liked to wear qamis (thowb/shirt), and his most favourite garment was the mantle of Yemen. He ﷺ would dress in printed garments. Whenever He ﷺ dressed in a new garment, he would supplicate to Allah ﷻ, “O Allah, praise is to You. You have clothed me. I ask You for its goodness and the goodness of what it has been made for, and I seek Your protection from the evil of it and the evil of what it has been made for.”

Some of the other garments that the Prophet ﷺ was seen in were a Yemeni printed sheet, Rumi jubbah (from Rome), two green coloured sheets, a variegated garment made of black goat’s hair and a white garment. Furthermore, the Prophet ﷺ recommended wearing white because they are purer and better, and he asked us to shroud the dead in them.

May our souls depart our bodies with the shahadah on our lips and may we be shrouded and buried as instructed by the dearest Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

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