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Ramadan Reminders 2022, Day 8


Islam is the simplest and the most practical religion. Acts of worship are very practical and easy to follow. One such act that the Prophet ﷺ taught are the simple duas (supplications) before and after eating. These duas make the act of eating an act of worship. We begin the act by mentioning Allah’s ﷻ name, Who provided us with food, and end it by thanking Him ﷻ for blessing us with the food.

Apart from these simple duas, Allah ﷻ, Who is well-aware of man’s temptations towards food, revealed another dua to the Prophet ﷺ in case a Muslim forgets to say “Bismillah”. Such is the beauty of Allah’s ﷻ Mercy; He ﷻ grants us simple opportunities to remember Him ﷻ despite the daily bustle of worldly life. Hence, it is important for everyone to implement this sunnah, which makes a big difference in our lives, and it must be taught to every child growing up for its better implementation.

May Allah ﷻ help us adopt the sunnah in our daily lives and may He ﷻ help us to impart that knowledge to our children rightfully.

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