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“Such lovely weather!
Lemme take a good picture.”
“Hey, can you stop your banter?
Huh, you don’t even bother!”
“I’ll take a picture of your glower
And post it on Gram and Twitter!
What a sensational meme face!
Dear sisso, I look forward to your fame!”
“Hahaha!” the sisters chuckled,
Keeping the atmosphere amicable.
“I saw the meme on Ryan’s … Continue Reading

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Peaceful Co-existence With Non-Muslims

Maintaining amicable relations at a time when there are many differences of opinion can be difficult but is not impossible. Religion, inherently known to promote peace and bring mankind together has become one of the biggest causes of disputes since ancient times. It is an undeniable fact that Islam and Muslims receive the most backlash and hostility when it comes … Continue Reading

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Islam and Interfaith Relations

A hot topic invites many questions
Filled all the headlines in this nation
“The interfaith marriage legalizing”
“The Ministry and Islamic Rules”
The keywords,
Takes over all the attention.
Voices of dissatisfaction,
Cheers of complementation.
The war of minds
is about to begin.

This is;
The country with the biggest Muslim population.
The country with Islam as the first foundation.… Continue Reading

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Taking Care of Parents

The Prophet ﷺ said thrice,

“Should I inform you out the greatest of the great sins?” They said, “Yes, O Allah’s Messenger ﷺ!” He ﷺ said, “To join others in worship with Allah and to be undutiful to one’s parents…”

[Sahih al-Bukhari 2654 (Partially quoted)]

As people age, they experience an increase in health problems, whereby their productivity … Continue Reading

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Broken Experiences

“Why have you come to school like this?”
“Haven’t you heard a Hijabi was recently dismissed?”
“School authorities don’t allow religious symbols!”
Seemed as if the rule was only against a particular religion!
Rituals and prayers in assembly halls were done unopposed,
Under the label of culture, the majoritarian concept was imposed!

“Are you going to take your picture with … Continue Reading