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Educating Children on Why We Don’t Celebrate Christmas


Salaam IR!

Pray this finds you well.

Wanted to ask how do you explain to kids that Christmas isn’t allowed in Islam. Like Santa Claus and Xmas tree. Like I reside in not a Western country but it’s like during this festive season they are everywhere even in supermarkets so it’s hard to escape these things.

They tend to … Continue Reading

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Your Time and His ﷺ Time! Slavery – the Reality!

Slavery, a word that sounds so derogatory in itself,
Forget about the indignity of those who are into this compelled! 
All of their human rights get trampled over,
As they get abducted by human traffickers who work under-cover.
The lives of young girls are turned into a living hell,
As they are made to become slaves in brothels!

The innocence … Continue Reading