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Fiqh of Hand Sanitizers

With the world panicking about the new, mysterious virus taking charge and restricting everyone’s mobility, several precautionary measures were circulated to prevent people from becoming its victim, one of which was the use of hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizer is a gel-like substance applied to the hands to disinfect them. They are mostly recommended for use in two scenarios:

  1. when water
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Book Review: I Love My Mama’s Hijab

Penned down in subtle rhymes by Razaida Bahram, with bright, colourful and detailed illustrations by Asbah Alaena, I Love My Mama’s Hijab is a nostalgic trip down the memory lane for parents, and the first stepping stone towards the beautiful concept of hijab for the little ones.

This book, published by Noor Nursery, describes a little girl in awe … Continue Reading

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5 Superfoods of Sunnah & Their Benefits

Medical science has advanced in leaps and bounds, so much that there are now over-the-counter medicines available for the mildest of coughs and colds. Home remedies like natural fruits, herbs and spices, once used to treat ailments, have now been replaced by medicines that give instant relief. There are medicinal supplements available in the form of tablets, powders, etc., to … Continue Reading

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Is Wine Truly Healthy for You?

I’m confident that you will agree with me when I say you have heard about wine’s health benefits and how it aids in heart health and longevity. I’m also certain that you know Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol in every form, including wine, and that every Muslim trusts Allah’s ﷻ wisdom and keeps away from it.

But what is … Continue Reading