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An Unknown Friend

Assalamu alaikum Kids!

We are back with another exciting story for you!

This is the story of a boy who never had a friend, but suddenly, there is someone who desperately tries to become his best friend.

Who could this be and why does this stranger seek this friendship?

Find out by reading this insightful story.


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Dealing with Prisoners of War

The ground billowed dust and smoke,
The men charged, the swords rose,
The clamorous sound resounded;
The enemy was defeated.

The captives, when summoned,
Dreading their fates, they entered
Into the presence of Rahmatul-lil-‘Aalameen,
Whose rulings brought them ease.

From his companions, he demanded
That prisoners be well-treated;
To his army, he commanded
To not harm the elderly, woman, and … Continue Reading

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Treatment of Slaves According to Islamic Guidelines

The widely acknowledged and immoral form of slavery that was prevalent in the earlier societies is appalling. Islam, on the contrary, took a strong stance against such practices and changed the manner of enslavement and slave treatment.

Slaves in Islam are treated with kindness and compassion. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,

“They are your brothers whom Allah has put

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