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Dealing with Prisoners of War

The ground billowed dust and smoke,
The men charged, the swords rose,
The clamorous sound resounded;
The enemy was defeated.

The captives, when summoned,
Dreading their fates, they entered
Into the presence of Rahmatul-lil-‘Aalameen,
Whose rulings brought them ease.

From his companions, he demanded
That prisoners be well-treated;
To his army, he commanded
To not harm the elderly, woman, and … Continue Reading

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The Brink

The Earth is a place for all living beings,
Created by the Ahsanul Khaliqeen;
A balanced ecosystem to coexist in harmony,
In waters, deserts, and lush greens.

The noblest of all creatures – mankind,
With a whole bunch of messed-up priorities;
Hoarding all the wealth he can find,
Devours the Earth with greed and treachery.

Invading forests like a … Continue Reading