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The Straight Path

It’s not easy being in a world with so many options;
Too many people, a whole lot of decisions.
Feeling out of control in a world so free
Will eventually become a prison with a lock, no key. 

Living in the fast lane, alone, with nothing to gain, 
Wondering if it’s all worth it, or will it lead to a road full of pain,
Where the only gear is GO;
Don’t stop, or you may lose the race.
What choice do you have?
And how will you set the pace? 

Fine dining, cars always shining, 
Attractive on the outside, never mind the inside.
Dunya is the apple of your eye,
Not caring what happens when you die.
Winning, but never appreciating the prize, 
Losing, yet never accepting defeat.
Constantly searching for fulfilment in material things, 
A desire for contentment, the mind always thinks.

You Only Live Once 
What does this mean?
Contradictory to the belief of the deen.
Living like our last day when we see friends, 
Recklessness – no rules, boundaries, or worries.
Down on Mondays, happy on Fridays, 
Heavy with the burden, our heart weighs. 

Asking questions to the One, unknown and misunderstood,
Not knowing when your prayers will be answered, or if they ever would.
Speculating, contemplating life’s little wonders,
Is Islam really the way? 
The unspoken word…

What does the heart desire?
 The mind needs to inquire.
There is no one worthy of worship except Allah;
Whether you deny it, hide it, or be proud of it – it’s a fact;
Nothing will change, O mankind, be ready for that! 

And He created everything to His accord, 
For He is the One, your Creator, your Lord. 
Being a Muslim is complete submission
To the One Who will never oppress, 
Our purpose is straightforward, 
Nothing like a game of chess.

And hold firmly to the rope of Allah
It’s the only place worth hanging with the hope of being caught; 
With any other rope, you’d sure fall short.
Daily discipline with five prayers to bless the moments of the day, 
Relieving one’s stress with dhikr each time you pray, 
Asking Allah through dua is the believer’s priceless tool, 
By not accepting Islam, one would definitely lose. 

As long as you know Him, you know everything there is to know,
The audience you please is no longer your show; 
You may feel lonely but never alone, 
To be guided to the straight path, your heart is shown;
The mind, body and soul are filled with peace and eemaan.

Written by: Noorah
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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