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Say yes to the blessings

You want a union
Like that of the Prophet ﷺ and Khadija
Like that of Ali and Fatima
Like that of Abu Salama and Umm Salama.
Your parents want the same.

Never heard a nikah
Where Aisha and the Prophet ﷺ weren’t mentioned.
Their relationship
In today’s terms
Is THE “#CoupleGoals”.

But here comes the best bit
The irony of … Continue Reading

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They say:
Muhammad was a madman!
I say: Indeed?
The man who was given the Qur’an?
A madman produced a perfect text,
Which had no contradiction.
A ‘madman’ with so much Ihsaan,
Oh, what a confliction!

They say:
Muhammad was a magician!
I say: Indeed?
Is that what inspired Rowling’s fiction?
Not magic, but miracles-
Yes, that’s what he got … Continue Reading

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Let's learn the Sunnah!

Assalamu alaikum kids!
We meet a lot of people during the day and use words such as hello, thank you and many more. Learn and use the words that the Prophetﷺ and his companions used. So, let’s start matching!
Check your answers here!
By: Aalia Zakir

Edited by: G. Sameeha

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“Was Qur’an the Work of a Man?”

“Muhammad invented Islam and the Qur’an to satisfy his own needs and not for the benefit of people.”

“The ‘holy’ Qur’an is just a ‘word of mouth’ that Muhammad transmitted using ‘Allah’ as a puppet to gratify his selfish desires.”

“Muslims believe the Qur’an to be a contradicting nonsensical proclamation descended from the heavens to an illiterate merchant, which is Continue Reading