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They say:
Muhammad was a madman!
I say: Indeed?
The man who was given the Qur’an?
A madman produced a perfect text,
Which had no contradiction.
A ‘madman’ with so much Ihsaan,
Oh, what a confliction!

They say:
Muhammad was a magician!
I say: Indeed?
Is that what inspired Rowling’s fiction?
Not magic, but miracles-
Yes, that’s what he got from God.
Magic in and of itself is evil and disbelief
Which opposes the core of the Islamic belief!

They say:
Muhammad wrote the Qur’an!
I say: Indeed?
Of all the people, the unlettered Insaan?
Tell me, who would write a book,
That admonishes the author?
Who would damage his own image?
To take such a risk, why would he bother!

They say:
Muhammad had lustful purposes!
I say:Indeed?
Ah! Your misconceptions are in surplus!
The man whose last words were to treat women rightly,
If few became ‘mothers of the believers’, what’s so cringe-worthy.
He had his agendas, he married them with a purpose,
Only after remaining with an older woman for 25 years faithfully!

They say:
Muhammad was a pedophile!
I say: Indeed?
Could you please read the history for a while?
A cultural norm for the girls,
To marry at a young age.
When A’isha was mature enough,
With her permission only did he engage!

With all these refutations,
Against your misconceptions,
Clearing all conflictions,
I testify with conviction.
I say:
They say:Indeed?
We leave our forefathers’ way,
And this man we must obey,
As the ‘Messenger’ of ALLAH?!
I sigh, “It’s not eyes that are blind,
But the hearts.”

Written by: Saadia
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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